Monday, February 14, 2011

Positive Thinking, Positive Actions

Tucker's new jewelry.

Pete shoveling...

...and shoveling...


Bry got the gigantor FireScreen done.

A how-to photo on how to move the FireScreen.

Donations from Rio Grande. Thanks, guys!


Hey, everyone. It's Tucker, back from another hiatus to let you guys know about the goings on of the shop as of late. Since the raw sewage incident, we've been keeping ourselves busy with a few projects. We got a commission for a FireBowl, a FireScreen with the possibility of a second one to follow, and some shiny new jewelry, courtesy of Rio Grande ( ) and their generous donation to the Atelier. Aside from that, we had Graham and Bryan go to Ignite Princeton 2, an event for people around the area to express their ways to make their communities better. They brought the B-Home to Princeton in 5 minutes flat, and were greeted with a fairly warm reception. 

That's about all for me, folks. Have a good day, and stop in soon for more updates.

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