Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boxes people out...hit the news...more art attacks...

So time to catch up...

The boxes that had plagued the shop for the past half year are finally out...this includes the physical boxes as well as the metaphorical ones. People need to accept change, not run away. It is in times of crisis that the dedicated ones stick around and ride the waves.

Benny continues to harass, threaten, and charge us for moving the boxes. We have an ultimatum to move them back to 220 or else...sorry, they are not coming back into the building, they will be used for art and creating a stage for performances at the Galamo.

Erik was interviewed by WZBN again today for art attacks in Trenton and to catch up on all things Hendrickson? Many thanks to Erin Ade for the interview and conversation; any time Erin :)

Bryan got back from up north...talks with Lafayette's President Weiss went well and we look forward to working on art projects in Easton.

Finished up the night making some tables out of a box, and attacking Trenton again...

Stockton Street

Montgomery Street

Corner of Perry and N. Broad

Good night world...

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