Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pete's Gone Again

Took a ride in the Natura sprinter to Capitol City Market on Thursday, August 26. We experimented with pendulum painted T-shirts... for sale soon!

Friday, August 27, 2010 New Jersey Sustainability round table conference at TCNJ campus - Mayor Mack was present, along with the mayors of surrounding municipalities and other politicians and bureaucrats. Sustainability is KEY - environmentally, socially, and financially. The Trenton Atelier is experimenting with new methods of living and working in line with this key issue of our time by recycling, composting, using solar and passive technologies, local food production and many other methods of being more sustainable in our every-day affairs.

Friday Night, August 27, 2010 - Gandhi's Poetry Spot at Cafe International. The Cafe was POPPIN on Friday night for another great gathering. GPS is gettin bigger than the venue - be there early for the next one people. BE of TA are also now greeting, seating, and serving all your food and drink needs at Cafe International special events :)

Saturday August 28, 2010 - Community Day in Cadwalader Park hosted by Fathers and men. Was a beautiful day to see so many people our enjoying our community, the weather, and wonderful music. TA performed a pendulum painting and cooked up some dogs on the solar dishes yum yum.

Also began experimentation with garbage bags and moving air (vents, wind, etc)... more to come.

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