Monday, August 2, 2010

New York City suffers triple bypass Art Attack!!

This past weekend, the Big Apple suffered what appears to be a triple bypass Art Attack. Three locations of the city we severely attacked with wood, paint, sweat and tears. We traveled to the city, raised some hell, stayed up all night, rocked out with EVENi, and got our art on.

Bryan gets ready to spin some yellow on the boards at Columbus Circle as onlookers gather to witness the art attack.

Finished piece left at Columbus Circle to dry. We came back later in the night and picked it up. Surprisingly no one touched it our messed with it at all.

Met some other artistas who wanted to join in on the fun so we made a colloraborative piece with Pepe of EVENi.

A lady points and gawks as the pendulum swings by the boards at Cooper Square. The piece drew some great smiles and awareness to our cause and the Trenton Atelier.

Eva Starr of EVENi belts out loud at The Local 269. The band was kick ass and we hung out for the rest of the night at their place. Thank you Eva, Bri, Pepe, Raul, and Jacki for an awesome city visit!!

Bryan stands with the finished guerilla installation outside the band's apartment. Two more paintings were left inside for the band to hang in their place.

Overall the day was a huge success. We got to show our craft, meet some amazing people, eat some great food, and rock out!

Looking forward to hitting the city in the future with some other dynamic art.

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