Monday, April 11, 2011

mommas,don't let your babies grow up to be artists,


Trying to shake her off this whole art thing

But there she is making Mr. Coffee Ramen like a champ.

though she opted out of the peanut butter concoction




Also had the  Rutgers and Princeton Empower folks in today

looking forward to a productive future.

will post links soon





Thursday, April 7, 2011

B Home 2010: the awakening

Hey, Graham here. Pete and I have been focusing our effort (that's right, focusing effort, at the Trenton Atelier) on the B Home project for the last couple months.

Basically I sit upstairs all day and draw computer models, and he slaves away on the shop floor cutting pipes and muttering profanities. Occasionally we yell to each other through a hole in the floor. More pics of the real thing coming soon.

We also meet with some princeton students every week or so. They've done some good work for us, but they don't seem too enthusiastic. They might just think we're crazy. I guess we are, but so is that guy who made a giant robot on youtube, and 20 million people wanted that robot.

So the 2010 proof of concept is coming together. It's been a long process because we keep figuring out better ways to make it. Seriously this thing is like pandora's box. It's just full of structural and artistic possibilities. The honey bees were just scratching the surface.. we're taking it to the next level, and then to the level above that. I wish their primitive bee minds could appreciate this. Come by and see it if you are in the area.