Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One size it's downfall

Shoving that hexagonal peg into any hole that appears.
Wether it b the global conflicts with the surfeit of refugees, or the local Anchor house bike ride to support runaway youth.

Or perhaps a cell could be constructed for a friend who provided countless meals and spiritual sustenance at the TA , now suffering from the ravages of substance abuse .

Or cells could be constructed along D&R Greenway trails as a rest stop / space to appreciate the scenery.

Or perhaps a backyard folly, to get one outside of the box of habitat , and offer a new perspective .

All of these , and more are what drives this project.
More being the operative word,
As they transcend shelter or sculpture in my vainglorious mind.
Creating compassionate community, I see it
I see it every day 
In every way
Healing helping with a humble hand 
An enclosure to contain and maintain.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

getting the band back together

Stainless table made it back

As did Messiah

who is the latest to join the Hive
and bring his special candle making skill set to North Clinton ave.