Sunday, March 22, 2015

In praise of the second pig

Went further then straw
Found balance twixt work and play
Had good friends for sure 

Midway from culvert to castle
A place to stay that's not a sty.

Living for the now 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

string theory and the zombie apocalypse

As the argument generally runs,
where is this going?
feeding on our tails
creating shit from crap
with expectations outpacing reality at an unrealistic pace.


string theory raised its tangled mane today
as Graham and I tousseled with what is  and what could be,\

Trying trying  trying to make the most with the least.
diving for the bottom in this bottomless town.

Can we build the turdscraper  with only twine and a rock ?
patience and calm weather
A skillsaw,driver and drill.
what will it take to provide for the B illion?
a plate, bed , relief .
knowing what we know ., what don't we know?
how can we ?

1 trenton 2 morrow

Sunday, March 15, 2015

post pi dumb depression

Tton rolls through 

As pi day recedes ,(only to be rounded up more accurately next year),
my expectations clash with reality.

 Current* design  , comprised of pallets, Trenton Makes 2x8 Bridge boards . cardboard and other materials culled from the waste stream.

 Berks bust of Albert 
gazes  out the box structure 
And Laughs with the gods

Ligtts candle
All G

Been in this town 17 years,
Raised three kids
Still feel like an outsider 

Graham & Pete

Digging deep with a flaccid shovel