Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hatches , Hammocks and a Hurried Hamster.

Hatch  version 2.3

aint no ponics like the aquaponics

organically built from locally harvested crap

Version 3.now


 "Measure thrise, cut dunce" 

last year at this time
as pictures tell a thousand words, and videos square that.

there may be a nuanced void missing from these posts.

As we labor under the pretensions of creating communally based hexagonal spaces,
the materials are all readily available and free. or relatively cheap. The tools, skills and number of people required to construct are being constantly driven downwards.
All in the desire to produce a mass replicable efficient shelter system .
This week we are designing and building the door / hatch , that was originally on the front , and has now been relocated to the side, which adds a new perspective .
Also a hammock is being tested as a bed possibility , and being lazy and frugal we are experimenting with the Mylar juice wrapper that is in copious supply here.
Side note: realizing that most people will not have access to unlimited Mylar rolls, this is a demonstration of utilizing found and other post industrial/consumer materials.
Stuff is out there folks, we just have to look, try and accept failure as success.

Hamster Love