Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pete's Gone Again

Took a ride in the Natura sprinter to Capitol City Market on Thursday, August 26. We experimented with pendulum painted T-shirts... for sale soon!

Friday, August 27, 2010 New Jersey Sustainability round table conference at TCNJ campus - Mayor Mack was present, along with the mayors of surrounding municipalities and other politicians and bureaucrats. Sustainability is KEY - environmentally, socially, and financially. The Trenton Atelier is experimenting with new methods of living and working in line with this key issue of our time by recycling, composting, using solar and passive technologies, local food production and many other methods of being more sustainable in our every-day affairs.

Friday Night, August 27, 2010 - Gandhi's Poetry Spot at Cafe International. The Cafe was POPPIN on Friday night for another great gathering. GPS is gettin bigger than the venue - be there early for the next one people. BE of TA are also now greeting, seating, and serving all your food and drink needs at Cafe International special events :)

Saturday August 28, 2010 - Community Day in Cadwalader Park hosted by Fathers and men. Was a beautiful day to see so many people our enjoying our community, the weather, and wonderful music. TA performed a pendulum painting and cooked up some dogs on the solar dishes yum yum.

Also began experimentation with garbage bags and moving air (vents, wind, etc)... more to come.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Choppin Away

Pete inspects the finished Small World Coffee backpacker table.

Features a full steel design with woven split steel cable backpack rack. Tabletop to be provided by another artist.

Pete also stopped by City Hall on Tuesday just in time to catch Mayor Mack before the City Council Meeting.

We made our cause for the Trenton Atelier at 114 Roebling, and Mack said to present some financials and other paperwork to be reviewed before any decision could be made on the fate of the emaciated building.

114 Roebling as it appears today from the inside.... we can only pray that one day our dreams come true and this abandoned, neglected space becomes the center for Trenton's thriving arts scene by housing resident and visiting artists, displaying works of art, entertaining through concerts and live performance, wining and dining the many visitors to Trenton, and creating inspiration in the youth of our communities.

Simply put, we need to


We will work night and day to change this city.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Banksy visits Trenton!!

So today began kind of odd...Bryan was irritated from staying up all night, and rightfully so. Nevertheless, we finished the Small World Coffee table, delivered the Terracycle Ppiece, sold another firebowl, and didnt get evicted from the building...I'd say we had a good day.

Pete and Bryan welding the table:

Picked up some of the new pieces from Cap City:

The Trenton Atelier also gained another resident artist, Jeremy Sypniewski! He brings media marketing and technology experience to the movement and is a great asset for our cause.

We finished the day doing a few Banksy-inspired stencils in select locations around downtown Trenton with Kelly Carvin along for the ride!

Thank you Banksy...for the inspiration ;)

Art Attack NY

urban windsock on a random block.... just for shits and giggles


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Capitol City Market 08/19/10

What a B E A Utiful day it was on East State Street this past Thursday.

We decided to match the clear blue skys with a a subtle blue pendulum painting - a big thanks to Benjamin for helping apply the base coat :)

The sign is up and pendulum a-swingin...

Also gotta thank Andrew and his mother for stopping by to help pour some paint. Excellent dexterity!

Completed painting to be hung sometime soon... keep your eyes open for the next installation!

The Struggle

Well, after the Capitol City Market, the Jeep took a turn into a wall...

Andrew, Kelly, and Mom stopped by to pic up a camera they left at our table.

Pete's been working steadfastly on the Small World Coffee table. It features a full metal frame and will have a woven steel wire backpack rack underneath...

Careful inspection and attention to quality is key here at Modern Metal Work, LLC - Pete's metal fabrication company.

We finished off the night at Trenton's Cafe International for some great live music and fresh cooked soul food.

Thanks to Kelly Carvin for organizing everything, and to the artists for sharing their voices and messages with everyone!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boxes out...box people out...hit the news...more art attacks...

So time to catch up...

The boxes that had plagued the shop for the past half year are finally out...this includes the physical boxes as well as the metaphorical ones. People need to accept change, not run away. It is in times of crisis that the dedicated ones stick around and ride the waves.

Benny continues to harass, threaten, and charge us for moving the boxes. We have an ultimatum to move them back to 220 or else...sorry, they are not coming back into the building, they will be used for art and creating a stage for performances at the Galamo.

Erik was interviewed by WZBN again today for art attacks in Trenton and to catch up on all things Hendrickson? Many thanks to Erin Ade for the interview and conversation; any time Erin :)

Bryan got back from up north...talks with Lafayette's President Weiss went well and we look forward to working on art projects in Easton.

Finished up the night making some tables out of a box, and attacking Trenton again...

Stockton Street

Montgomery Street

Corner of Perry and N. Broad

Good night world...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

SATURDAY SATURDAY, saturday saturday, saturday night's alright

B&E started off Saturday with a Peacekeepers meeting at the LightHouse Church on Bellevue Ave.
The Trenton Peacekeepers meet every Saturday from 11am-noon, and are quickly gaining momentum. Be on the lookout for big things coming from this movement real soon...

Terracycle hosted it's annual "Jersey Fresh Grafitti Jam" on Saturday as well. Many great NJ artists came out to tag up the walls and surfaces of the Terracycle building. Be sure to check out www.terracycle.com or visit one of their stores and get some cool recycle swag.

This is a closeup of some crazy mixed paint that emerged from a painting B&E also performed at the Jersey Fresh event.

The painting will be hung later this week outside of the Terracycle building.

To finish off the night, B&E hung up a commissioned painting at Trenton residence..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Terracycle, Charles Laurita music video shoot, Guerrilla Art Attack Hanover, and Studio 219; oh my!!

Fun filled day at the TA

Started off the day with a wakeup on some couches here...still can't "legally" go upstairs.

Erik went off to open 114 for Charles Laurita, a guitar prodigy of Hamilton, for a shoot of his newest music video "Science Fiction/Double Feature"

Terracycle product development stopped by the shop later with some Benz dubbz for us to work on. Coming up with some promo furnishings for Benz Dealerz...should be interesting.

After gunning in another Guerrilla Art piece on Hanover Street across from Studio 219, we hooked up with Tamara Ramos and Kasso to share some thoughts and headed inside for some wine...

Candice from Destination Trenton, among others, was enjoying the night at the studio, which displayed works by Ramos, Kasso, and other local artists (sorry I don't know you all yet...we will soon :)

Headed to Janice Short's to finish up some work on here piece and will be mounting it tomorrow on her wall...pics and video update tomorrow night!!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Urban Camping

Had a great night camping out in an urban cave on the facade of City Hall in Trenton.

Bryan and Erik are no longer able to occupy the second floor of 220 Allen, so they will be sleeping on the streets while filing their grievances with the city government and untill occupancy is allowed.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Collective Unconsciousness

The collective unconsciousness must come to an end in order for change to occur.

Much needed post

Been a little behind on the posting.. here's what happened over the past few days...

Art Attacks State Street!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Thuuuuuuurssdaaaaayyyyy...long day.

Today was certainly one of the longest days for us here at the Atelier. Bryan ran off to scrap some large metal objects for funding before the rest of the day unfolded.

It started with prepping for Capital City Market. The day started with constructing a new 30 foot pendulum. After the rest of the supplies were gathered and the truck loaded we headed to good ole State Street with our gear in tow, we met up with Barb and her lovely assistants to hash out a great Art Attack!

Erin helped with business cards for the many lovely wanderers on the CCM:

We began by testing out a "proprietary" style of pendulum painting using a brush on the bottom of the weights...results were unrefined, yet respectable. More testing needed to perfect the effect.

Finished product:

We headed back and unloaded, props to Barb, Erin and Kelly for stepping up to the plate and lending a helping hand, couldn't have done it without you ;)

We met up with Corey, who had helped us clean up the Gala, and headed to City Council. Excited and jittery, we made our way up to the packed house.

Corey had a great time and even got to speak a few words about what we're up to. Next week we'll give a presentation about all that's been happening.

Back to the shop after dropping off Corey, Graham joined in on the fun. We spent the rest of the early night cleaning out more of the Gala in preparation for Saturday's "Gathering".

Bryan worked the plasma for his Made in Metal piece and sent sparks-a-flyin all over the shop.

Good Night yall...