Friday, August 6, 2010

Thuuuuuuurssdaaaaayyyyy...long day.

Today was certainly one of the longest days for us here at the Atelier. Bryan ran off to scrap some large metal objects for funding before the rest of the day unfolded.

It started with prepping for Capital City Market. The day started with constructing a new 30 foot pendulum. After the rest of the supplies were gathered and the truck loaded we headed to good ole State Street with our gear in tow, we met up with Barb and her lovely assistants to hash out a great Art Attack!

Erin helped with business cards for the many lovely wanderers on the CCM:

We began by testing out a "proprietary" style of pendulum painting using a brush on the bottom of the weights...results were unrefined, yet respectable. More testing needed to perfect the effect.

Finished product:

We headed back and unloaded, props to Barb, Erin and Kelly for stepping up to the plate and lending a helping hand, couldn't have done it without you ;)

We met up with Corey, who had helped us clean up the Gala, and headed to City Council. Excited and jittery, we made our way up to the packed house.

Corey had a great time and even got to speak a few words about what we're up to. Next week we'll give a presentation about all that's been happening.

Back to the shop after dropping off Corey, Graham joined in on the fun. We spent the rest of the early night cleaning out more of the Gala in preparation for Saturday's "Gathering".

Bryan worked the plasma for his Made in Metal piece and sent sparks-a-flyin all over the shop.

Good Night yall...

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