Friday, August 13, 2010

Terracycle, Charles Laurita music video shoot, Guerrilla Art Attack Hanover, and Studio 219; oh my!!

Fun filled day at the TA

Started off the day with a wakeup on some couches here...still can't "legally" go upstairs.

Erik went off to open 114 for Charles Laurita, a guitar prodigy of Hamilton, for a shoot of his newest music video "Science Fiction/Double Feature"

Terracycle product development stopped by the shop later with some Benz dubbz for us to work on. Coming up with some promo furnishings for Benz Dealerz...should be interesting.

After gunning in another Guerrilla Art piece on Hanover Street across from Studio 219, we hooked up with Tamara Ramos and Kasso to share some thoughts and headed inside for some wine...

Candice from Destination Trenton, among others, was enjoying the night at the studio, which displayed works by Ramos, Kasso, and other local artists (sorry I don't know you all yet...we will soon :)

Headed to Janice Short's to finish up some work on here piece and will be mounting it tomorrow on her and video update tomorrow night!!


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