Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

deja vu again

almost gone

 the Atelier  buffed

newish roof

last vestiges

both hands getting down on the sustainable sculpture

stage coming down

start of the foundation

join us next Saturday

Its been 3 years since we closed the Trenton Atelier and most of the crew moved down the street to 219 East Hanover.
Last year we moved into the Hive at 307 north clinton
it was a great deal but it was under the contingency of a month to month lease.
Well, for those that choose freedom over security, looks like we will be out in a month.
It was a great run, glad we had the chance to do what we did, whatever it was we did.

stay tuned

btw, last ditch/ Hail Mary on the B home as we have confirmed a sponsorship from Bavarian Motor Works for the Sourland Music Festival, hoping to capitalize on that.