Sunday, August 31, 2014

good pushes out perfect

more drafts than published work
questioning whether it is worthy of the internets

So if u see me out on the street
know that i don't know what i dont know i know

Kasso,George and the Commish 

Messiah and Crew heading off to push Candles

waiting for A grade
Retards growth and great mistakes
Is this Stupid Fresh?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sincerly Flattered, or whats the other option? Lets default to love

       People have been linking the B and Bee , a more upscale  music festival version, asking if they "ripped me off".
As anyone who has gotten within screaming distance knows how we  have been  designing and building structures very similar to these.

       Am I pissed off that someone else is taking this design principle and applying it in the real world?     Hmmm, not really, (emphasis on the really) as our primary objective, is in providing safe secure structures.
        Realizing  that , the more people that  explore  the shape and concepts inherent in hexagonal structures,  will lead to improvements through experimentation and cross pollination.

Our present design, lacks some of the elegance and luxury of our "completion", but we are more interested in exploring what can be done with the least. How can safe structures be constructed out of ubiquitous and underutilized materials? Or can it?

As we cycle out of D&R Greenway and spend more time at our Trenton facility, there will be pics and stories of pallets and cardboard, tires and bamboo and maybe a candle or two.