Thursday, June 18, 2009

Party Invite

Conceptual Tour
Sunday June 21st 12-4 pm
Under the Tent
Under the Manex Water Tower
33 Clark St. Roebling Complex
What’s the deal? We are creating a working industrial arts community,
which will expand into holistic healing arts center, retail
sales spaces, gallery spaces, dining, and mixed use living loft
How’s it work? Artistic investment plays a central role to urban
Why not! Trenton deserves a 1st rate eco-conscience art, retail and
manufacturing facility. It provides positive impact for the local
community and addresses environmental issues we face as well.
Need some help here? There is a lot to do.
Join us in any way you can!
Suggested Donation $20
Peter Abrams 609-610-3624
Barbara Stange 609-540-0518
Trenton Atelier
Coming soon

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