Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hat bench readies for launch

plywood drop from concentrated grape juice Chile
George dialing it in

A cell we started a few months back, with a very promising technique of cnc routing (thanks George Z) out some Oceanspray plywood , now will be installed in front of Borough Hall in Princeton Nj .

Toggling back and forth between a bus stop or chill spot, we (SURPRISE) landed on Chill. So two more Trenton Makes Bridge boards will fill out the seating.creating a wide surface area to lounge by the bust of Albert and contemplate whether Imagination IS more important then knowledge.
Or even imagine what u cant imagine.
As shown ,  the Mylar roof,, Courtesy Terracycle  will provide temporary shade, and will need to be replaced annually, but hey , Jobs jobs jobs.

gosh knows we throw out enough waste every day to cover our asses for a year.

The Bus stop on Witherspoon st. will have to wait.

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