Sunday, February 2, 2020

Field and Stream of Kamponh Khleang

The quiet  fields in dry season.
Mung bean, not for sprouts
Thailand grows that.
The harvest is looking good this year. 
No sounds of bees, bird or insect alight ?
Not sure how this may be affecting the waterways, 
But today is good.

Props to Mcgyver application

sunny beach homestay
another venue I didn't stay at, but warm kind hosts

ST 63 Homestay

half a week in Kampong Khleang

My Buddy Long Nith 
Many thanks for entertaining,educating and mopeding me around.

Boomer workaround

If anyone finds themselves in KK without a paddle.
This man will hooked me up with a personal tour 
Field & Stream explains how some of the many fish traps worked
pm me for instructions.


  1. Nice. Great explanation. Hard not to see from pur foreign perspective but obviously not the full view. Thanks for looking beyond.

  2. thanks for the response , it's nice getting feedback