Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Siem Reaper

Siem Reaper

Yeah, we stoned off a new mix, 
I have fallen into a haze ,
Yet  loving the trip.

Slack line, its a personal thing. Mastery, or the other side 
Seems so easily parodied.
In fact, Jerry is my handle here.

Does this work?

can i just insert ?

or is #metoo coming out?

Preview didn't show

on to the next thought.


It's a beautiful ride,

certain realities bubble ,
bubble brings me to the ring that will surround and create a floating landmass


If there was only a few designs

usually the materials drive the design

at present, I am in an area that lacks basic municipal services and plastic waste accumulates, the majority  of which is raked into piles , and burned.

So, i gets to thinking, if we could collect and sort into general categories;  organic, plastic, trash etc.with a minimum amount of effort, ( lazy man here and labor is happy) through pressure and heat create different compositions ,
even co-mingled plastics will fuse into this slightly less dense than water material.
i want to take the negative attributes of this material, namely, long lasting , malleable and ubiquitous .
             create structure.

That's the mf trifecta neighbor

this material can be extruded in a continuous  feed scenario.  I am sounding like a wackadoodle now

But anyway now there is a ring

provides a container

from this rim hangs the land mass

on the surface, bioconstruction of lattice dome

next steps
build a working scale model.

the profile is tbd

so many different scenarios tumble in

lets get as simple as possible

dragons tail

works in progress, the Publish tab stares back at me, what if.

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