Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Productive Day

The shop is really shaping up. With the COMAtose crew enjoying their unconscousess elsewhere, we've finally been able to get things together.

We're now experimenting with some Mylar for a potential vertical farming operation. Each pouch is holding several gallons of water.

Jeremy's dog returned thanks to the hospitality of the Troy and his family. They found Brando napping in the park across the street and took him in.

Also been hard at work making wire rope products for the Princeton Terracycle store, which will be featuring an all new lineup of unique upstairs products.

Troy applied a new coat of paint to his ride while Kasso finished his 7th City of Angels mural on the workshop wall.

And we sat down for another extraordinary freegan lunch with the crew.

Graham was strumming away on the guitar, recording some interesting tunes in the evolving upstairs recording studio.

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