Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I bunch of of pictures from the past few days.

Bryan ventured into a certain abandoned building and discovered the B Hom being put to use by a homeless individual.  The protoype B Home is being real world tested!

We also got another large stock of wire rope for the many products and sculptures being created at the Atelier.

Bryan and Erik gutted an "urban carcass" - a damaged inflatable air mattress, which they converted into a large garbage bag to clean up the mess next door.

Bryan dragged in some old couches which were then stripped down.  The metal springs and pieces will be saved for sculpture components, and the frames will be converted into mini-greenhouses which will be used in the early spring.

The Atelier also donated several works of art to the TirNaNog - Trenton's Real Irish Pub, for a raffle fundraiser to keep the Trenton St. Patrick's Day Parade here in Trenton.  Works included several original paintings and wire rope sculptures and products from Modern Metal Work.

"Dog and Pony Show ft. Teddy" - an abstract installation is also on display in "Barb's Office" upstairs at the Atelier.  It features several hundred business cards and an irregular arrangement of items in a room upstairs.

Some Princetonians also ventured into the shop to make a doghouse - Melissa and Andy applied some word-working and crafting skills to create a foundation frame from some found wood - the project should be completed in a few weeks.

Finally, Lia delivered another box of less-than-consumer-grade organic produce to the shop.  Thanks Whole Earth for your support and donations!

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