Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kasso and Jerry doin there thanggg!

Local artist Jerry Warren continue work on his whimsical animal sculptures. He is a folk artist sculpture who has been creating his works since 1995 as a welder and metal fab artist.

He enjoys the creative process and has been a lovely presence in the TA studio atmosphere bringing his light hearted persona and warmth to the winter lull.

Kasso of S.A.G.E Collective continues his beautiful sweeping cascade of color on the TA facade. For all you that don't know, Will 'Kasso' is an amazingly talented and dedicated graffiti muralist native to Trenton who has been pioneering creative change in Trenton for many years. His inspirational, boldly colorful, and uniquely passionate graff-murals can be experienced all across the Trenton landscape; flowering creative expression in the Capitol City.

We are truly blessed and humbled to be providing a creative outlet in this little pocket of art experience called the Trenton Atelier.

Many thanks to Lia for stocking our fridge full of healthy produce courtesy of The Whole Earth Center in Princeton.

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