Thursday, January 30, 2020

Kampong Khleang

Kampong Khleang and the floating villages ,

Dry season , months to go before the seasonal rains.
an ochre dust kicks up behind the myriad light,loud  laboring vehicles. Settling on horizontal surfaces, most pronounced on the long flat roofs of the idle tourist ferries.

 the Author
 in situ

but that is a temporary distraction from the non-organic waste that accumulates, patinas and accumulates some more.

Judge not, lest ye shall be nudged.

a recent phenomenon amongst "developing" nations. For time immemorial, All Matter could be dropped and eventually it would return to the source.  Still holds true, just takes a fuck ton longer.
In the present , that sip of water or snack that couldn't wait , waits here.


Shit is real as fuck here.

smoldering plastic wafts

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