Thursday, January 30, 2020

vices bring us together.

Traveling around the fields with Buth, I casually asked if he could procure a bit of the dried and cured tobacco we saw growing.
Upon my departure, he presented me with a kilo bag of cigarette tobacco and papers.
I have been gifting handfuls everywhere I go.
This morning there were a few men on the porch smoking and chatting, one with a similar smoking situation.
Their English is on par with my Khmer, and he graciously accepted my gift.
Wandering the dusty streets, ogling the early morning activities, he approached and with a wide arcing motion of his arm indicated we will walk through the fields behind his house.
Two children soon followed and off we were , fish leaping from their ponds, verdant bean and  rice fields gazed afresh .

Such a wonderful kind joyous people.

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