Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Busy Day at the Atelier

Today was focused upon getting things done for the guys at the Atelier. The first thing we did was start working on the truck again. The brakes are shot on it, and we need to replace the whole brake system eventually. However, for now we've decided to do a flush and replace the fluid. Getting the truck fully online will be an important step in keeping our heads above water, for then we will be able to do our own deliveries as well as travel around the East Coast with our wares.

After we paused that project, Pete and I did a photo shoot for the Firebowls. We got a lot of good shots out of it, and will be posting them on our Etsy and site soon. Hopefully, those new shots will boost sales of our products, along with introducing the world to our newest bowl, the Flexi-Bowl. Be on the lookout for them. We did a lot of heavy lifting, chopping, and burning for the shoot, and as I write this, I'm taking a bit of time to rest from all that.

Speaking of resting, lunch was a delectable shop slop consisting of spicy chicken soup and rice, with a little salt to taste. Trust me, it tasted a lot better than it looked.

While we were downstairs doing all the heavy work in the cold, the Twins were upstairs in warm comfort working on PR for us. This includes creating our tri-fold pamphlet, networking with other businesses and organizations to see if we could be mutually beneficial towards each other, and listening to lots of music with violins and congas. Not sure why the last one happened, but hey, I'm not complaining.

Later on, we managed to finish clear-coating a good amount of picture frames. We've been working on them for a while, but with the upcoming Golden Nugget flea market coming up, we needed to finish them so we could sell them. They've been selling like hotcakes at the TerraCycle store in Princeton, and so we figured we could turn a bit of a profit at the market for ourselves.

Meantime, we're getting the shop ready for the Star-Ledger shoot that's happening on Monday. Whew! Lots going on here.

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