Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Step Forward

Hello family. Tucker here, reporting for TA News. Today, Marc Linowitz from The Rose and Louis H. Linowitz Charitable Foundation stopped in, as well as our friend and business associate Keturah Monroe. In our meeting, we discussed what the future of the Atelier is going to be in Trenton, along with what OURSEP and the Linowitz Foundation could do to help it along. We discussed starting a after-school program for local students, along with providing a solid nuts-and-bolts plan for putting it all together. At first, Mr. Linowitz was skeptical, claiming that he initially had no intention of even coming here, much less pushing any money our way. However, after a bit of parlance and some good-natured ribbing, he seemed to like the idea. He liked it so much in fact that he decided, in the spirit of the season, to give us $1000 towards creating a proposal to submit to his organization. That proposal will, most likely, get us even more financial assistance. We thank him for his time and consideration, and soon enough, we'll see what happens next.

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