Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hey, Bryan here posting another entourage of images from my eccentric artsy life. First up. "Raining Bananas" - peels and frame on blue wall.

"A Helping Hand"  - colored pencil on paper

We ordered replacement screens for two of our laptops, and I replaced both, but the MacBook screen came broken, so we are waiting for a response from LaptopScreen.com.  The other screen we received worked great and had no dead pixels or any problems.

I've also taken on the fun challenge of developing a flier/ad for the Trenton Cultural Arts Summit to be held late January/early February 2011 at Artworks Trenton. The Summit will be open to artists, activists, creatives, and anyone who is interested in creatively re-inventing the City of Trenton through the Arts and Culture. We've also been putting the whiteboard to good use, filling it up with our plans for various gadgets and gizmos, improvements on technology, and just plain crazy philosophical meanderings.  There's always something new to see on the white-board.  We have been using recycled whiteboard markers so far (ones gathered from college moveout trashpiles), but these will not last forever, so, we should look into eco-conscious dry-erase markers? or switch to recycled paper and pencils? Eli swung by the shop today for a metal-working lesson and firebowl construction lesson.  He chopped, grinded, cut, and welded his way through the day. After many hours of learning and crafting, Eli's FireBowl was complete.  Great work Eli! We've also been working on a modular bicycle-wheel cart (The HeliShuttle) for artist Albert Wilkins.  Made from extended bicycle forks, pieces of a bed frame, old rebar, this custom metal job was created using mostly recycled materials. The cart must break down into several smaller parts, making it a challenging project.  Today we decided to add shear reinforcements to prevent racking and add structural stability to the front wheels, which are stationary.  Tubes and tires will be added tomorrow, and the cart will then make its way on to be fitted with the HeliShuttle fuselage.

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