Saturday, October 16, 2010

Around the TA 10-13-10 to 10-15-10

Pete was caught munching on some freegan "Shop Slop" here at 220 Allen on Thursday afternoon. We cooked up some home-grown beets, cabbage, potatoes, and found spices as part of the culinary arts program at the Trenotn Atelier. Also on the menu was a bunch of extra spanish food from a local event - food that would have otherwise been thrown away.

Freegan cooking is just one of the ways the TA hopes to help both the environment, people, and makes economic sense. When we reuse unwanted food locally, we are using stored energy more efficiently and helping reduce the emissions from transporting "waste" long distances to landfills. Most of our freegan food waste is collected within 1 mile of our facility, and was saved on foot, by bicycle, or on an already planned car trip.

Bryan finished welding his cable table for Nancy in Washington State! Our custom wire rope furniture is spreading across the continent thanks to the Jeremy's website development!

The 63 Chevy is nearly in order. She purrs like a lion, but needs some electrical work. Replaced the fuses and lights, checked wires but just can't figure it out.

Erik made a melted table "Dali" for display at TCNJ.

We got some energy out on a piece of molding wax - smashed with rebar and metal pipes, then lit on fire, and finally plastered to the upstairs shop wall as "Wall Faces".

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