Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spraypaint Ambitions - an SPX production!

Friday night on Allen Street.

Gallamo prepped and painted.  Clear sky and crisp autumn breezes.  Shuffling feet and light laughter.  Lights on, music up, key the first word.

The Boys and Girls Club of Trenton visited the Gallamo / Trenton Atelier this past Friday for a night of poetry, expression, spoken word, and unity.  Presented by SPX, the poetry night brought together a multicultural crowd of enthusiastic youth, Trenton Atelier members, and a special appearance by local MC, Ghandi of Ghandi's GPS at Cafe International.

During a break in the many performances, members of the Trenton Atelier gave a tour of the facility to the young adults.  
"Who would have thought this kind of place existed in Trenton."  
"I never would have thought a place like this was here." 
Slowly the community is becoming aware of the TA's presence in the area and we were happy we could make these young people's night a special one.


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