Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumkin Pie Oh My!

Lia and Tucker cooked over the weekend, producing a healthy store of hand-picked, from scratch pumpkin pie, pumpkin-peanut butter cookies, and pumpkin-walnut muffins for the TA gang to munch on. EFFIN AMAZING!!!

Gadget cooked up an extraordinary breakfast this morning - egg & cheese omelets with bacon! Very very tasty. Thanks Gadget!

Pete drilled some hole this morning also, to enable more space for bending rebar. Got a truck full today, and about 1500 pounds of steel cable yesterday - plenty of metal creations to come.

Rebar pile - 580 pounds of post-industrial waste soon to be functional art!

Tucker took the liberty to take a shot at the '63 Chevy - changed the oil, filter and plug wires. 10-10-10 is gettin close...

Bryan aquired some old wine barrels for a Terracycle desk project. After cutting the barrels (in the background), he also crafted some table legs from rebar, pipe cuttings, angle iron, and an exhaust pipe.

Pete created a funky "Simon Says" firebowl from the salvaged rebar and wire rope.

Weldy weld!

Git in durr nice n deep like
Gotta feed the ego...
Such a brave soul.

Voilaaaa! Simon Says!

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