Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's been an interesting week already..and it's only Wednesday!

So,I've been slacking. I'm not a big blogger, really. Like Facebook statuses and ims are usually enough writing for me..but there has been a lot going on lately..
Last week, on Friday, i think, I decided to clear out the front kitchen space while the guys were otherwise occupied..I know it's a metal shop, but it's a shop with a kitchen, and I'm a kitchen person. I grew up sitting on my Nanie's counter top, watching her cook..and most of the families i have been close with made their most important decisions and had their most wonderful memories built around a kitchen. I'm am in a culinary arts class that will give me tools and skills to be a personal chef, so i wanted it to be more functional, and to develop the warmth of those very important kitchens of my past. It isn't my kitchen, i'm not here on a professional cooking capacity - everyone cooks here..but I am the most neurotic about kitchen stuff in particular.
It was a lot of work..several hours of just moving stuff and organizing shelves, but when it was all done, it felt homey, and the next thing you know, we're having meals and singalongs at the table.
Then, Trenton Atelier had our first official meeting (around the table, of course!) on Sunday to discuss the future of the collective. After the meeting had dissolved, Erik was energized and bored, and felt more organization was in order, so he, Bryan and I put away anything that wasn't completely necessary for a functional kitchen, which took us until 3am.
Tuesday, Pete brought in chicken, and I marinated it and some zucchini for a feast on the grill. Pete took the grillmaster title, and Ghandi contributed some yummy shrimp to the mix, and we all sat down for a lovely lunch before i had to head to school.
I came back a little later in the evening, and the guys were hard at work insulating and repairing one of the upper rooms to give us more usable space. When everything settled down a bit, and i had nothing else on my agenda, really late at night, I actually used the mig welder! I love playing with the power tools! the grinder, the chopsaw, the welder...I get so excited..but i'm also a bit embarrassed about making the little things i make, because the guys make these big, beautiful pieces, and i'm so new to it. I eventually want to blow everyone's mind with big powerful fire bowls, and sweet metal tables too, but practice makes perfect, and i need to get better first, in my opinion.

Today was one of those days when i had to buckle down and stick to my laptop before heading into the kitchen at school - getting caught up on atelier emails, installing programs we use, well as uploading the photos i took of my little projects from last night. Jeremy happened to be in the shop as I was struggling and showed me how to make that happen..and taught me a bunch of shortcuts that i didn't know about that will save me a bunch of time. then it was off to school..and back to the shop to finish this blog.. (sorry if it isn't what you're used to - i tend to ramble a bit :)

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