Monday, October 18, 2010

First Organizational Meeting EVER!

Sunday lasted long, and we all accomplished a great deal for the Trenton Atelier. Extended Members Tim Heath, of HeathHousePro Video, and audio specialist Ken Palmer paid a much-appreciated visit to the TA to film for our upcoming promotional video. Through the process we all gained a greater sense as to what each of our roles is, and what we can offer to the TA.

As we filmed, a group of inspired Trenton youth wandered into our space and we were happy to help them work on their bikes and show them around a bit. We hope to see the youngsters return in the future so we can help them create!

After filming and packing up, we held our first ever organizational meeting. Don't feel threatened if you happened to be unable to make the meeting, as we will be having our second first ever organizational meeting on Sunday, November 14th 2010 from 4pm to 6pm at The Trenton Atelier; 220 Allen Street, Trenton NJ. The Meeting will be broadcast live over Ustream, which will be embedded in this website and posted to Facebook, and recorded, saved and archived on our Facebook fanpage.

At the meeting the following was discussed:


Attendance: Pete, Jeremy, Lia, Kamal (SPX), Erik, Bryan, Brando, Graham (5:41), Gadget(5:49), Ghandi GPS and Lady Soul(6:04)

Second First Ever Organizational Meeting - Sunday Nov 14th 2010 4-6pm

Goals: To gear efforts towards mission. Lights off, energy use, be conscious of these things.

By Next Meeting:
Orange iMac for membership. Lia write membership form.
Bryan - Plans for building layout
ALL - Personal Goals
Clean Galamo/Roof: SPX

3 months: T-Shirt for organization designed made and printed. - SPX
Membership/Instruction video: Pete and Jeremy
Stamps for business cards. - Bryan
Measure and buy Tarps for tall roof.
LIA - Samara find grants for us.

6 months: Membership drive. Donor drive. Earthday - Whole Earth.
Networking - City Council Meetings. Everyone should know who we are, what we are about,. Princetononline interns.
SPX: Reach out to highschools
Erik: Reach out to college art depts.
Jeremy: TA Website, E+B - Articles and filler text.
Spring Planting effort

Art All Night: Live Huge Pendy Paint. Gadget will organize Fire Performance. Live Firebowl weaving. SPX paint the TA Truck.

1 year: Art All Time, Harvest Party

5 year: Established, Classes, Community Gardening, Income (donations) Salaried Positions, Sustainability (Water, Energy, Recycling, Compost) Be Home Living. Expand Vision to other Cities.

Resident Members - Live at TA. 24 hrs a day
Extended Members - Barter or hours of work. 15-20 hours a week
Paid Membership -

Constitution: Till next meeting

      • Slogan
      • Empowerment through Art.
      • Creative awakening.
      • Waking up the city.
      • Sustainability Art Community
      • Art.
      • Community.

Changes have also been made to the way the kitchen will operate from now forward, and next time you come in, you will see what we mean...

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